Health, Safety and Environment

HSE - Health, Safety and Environment

Grand Signature is more cautious on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) excellence, our objective is to become recognized in the industry as a low risk company with regard to the safety of our employees, equipment, and the environment and to achieve this continuously. To provide a safe and congenial working environment has been our prime concern.
All employees shall contribute to this recognition and the commitment to safety is expected from each employee. The basis of our safety policy is that each employee is entitled to a safe working environment. All activities are performed observing all safety norms and employees shall be provided with personal protective equipment and proper guidance to accomplish the work in a safe manner.
Consequently, each employee has a basic responsibility to make a safety for himself and his fellow employees.

Safety & Environmental Hazard

  • We provide safe and healthy workspaces with top-quality equipment and safety procedures for work at all times.
  • We monitor the work environment to ensure that all aspects of our project workflow are functioning well in-line with Safety, Health and Environment Standards
  • We implement review-practices and continuous improvement processes to standardize our safety, health and environment practices and stay updated of potential hazards and risks, and to mitigate them in a timely manner.
  • We ensure that all our supervisors are well trained in firefighting and the staff, visitors and laborers are well equipped with personal protection while onsite.

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